Factors To Consider When Renting A West Campus Apartment

If you are a student at the University of Texas, you may be considering starting your new life in a remarkable environment and neighborhood. Even though you can choose to live at Enfield or North Campus, West Campus offers some of the best facilities and convenience that makes it ideal for you.

Many students who have lived in this place have good remarks to give about the area as well as a memorable stay. There are critical factors to consider before you rent west campus apartment. However, you should examine the home or house you want to rent before moving in to start your new lifestyle.

Best tips

Rent or buy

The first significant decision you should make is whether you would want to purchase a home or rent by paying for the housebed every month you live in it. West Campus has a variety of apartments with rental rates ranging from $700 to $6,300 per month based on the number of bedrooms and other features.

However, buying a condo can cost you between $200, 000 and $300, 000 for a two bedroom. Most parents have opted to purchase a house for their students from the variety of homes available for sale near the University of Texas. Choosing to buy can be an additional investment to you as soon as you finish studying, but if you have insufficient funds to purchase, you can select an apartment to rent.


Not all the apartments and condos at the West Campus area have the same characteristics. Some have larger rooms, more bedrooms, indoor pools, pets, and big parking area while some apartments do not have one or more of these features. You will have to consider the features of an apartment or a duplex that suits your desired features in a house before settling to rent it.

Some students like swimming and would not do without a pool while others do not care whether there is a pool or not. Whichever the case, the design of the house, the number of bedrooms, the availability of a parking area, and availability of other social amenities are factors to look out for in a house.

Monthly rent

chairsThe rent you will pay per month is another significant consideration when moving into West Campus. Different apartments have varied monthly cost for rent depending on the location, the number of bedrooms, and the additional features such as pools and parking areas.

Some one-bedroomed houses go for as little as $700 rent per month while some seven-bedroomed apartments go for $5,805 or $6,300 every month. Depending on your ability to pay and the locality you prefer, the rent per month is a factor that will determine the apartment you pick to live in at West Campus.…

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