Choosing The Best Tutor For Maths

Tutor’s qualifications

Is the instructor adequately trained to teach your child? What if your child has special needs will the trainer manage? It is important to find out the background(educational) of the guardian, experience of teaching other kids of her son’s level in mathematics. Knowing the technical experience your math tutor poses will enable you to be able to know whether they can handle your child’s tutorial needs and if he or she can deliver.

Instructor’s track record

calculatorYou need to know the instructor’s success with children he or she has taught in the past. Did the children achieve the expected goals? Did they improve in classroom grades? Did they have higher test results? Do they have a better homework completion? You will need to obtain answers to the above questions from parents and teachers.

Does the tutor do small classes or one on one?

You need to find a tutor that would suit your child’s needs. As a parent, you need to evaluate if your child prefers one on one or a classroom set up though it has to be a small group. The student to coach ratio should balance in a classroom setup.

Location of tutoring

As a parent, you need to know where the sessions are going to take place. Is it in a classroom, an office, someone’s home? The location of study is necessary so as to ensure regular attendance of the sessions as consistency in tutoring bring better gains. The location is also critical in the decision making as it will affect transportation of the child to and from therefore you would choose the most convent place so as to use the most appropriate mode of transportation. In the event of online tutoring, you have to ensure that your child has access to the computer and the internet also headsets or any other necessary equipment to ensure they study adequately done.

Feedback from the tutor to parent and teacher

cubeThe teacher and tutor should be working toward the improvement of the child in mathematics. They should communicate frequently and support the methods used to the overall success of the scholar. Therefore, as a parent, you should be updated on the progress of the student by the tutor in the presence of the teacher.

Measure of child’s progress

The teacher should devise a study plan that will be beneficial to your child and also be able to tell the child’s progress.…

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