Best spelling games for a fifth grader

Alpha – time spelling

In this game, each student is provided with ten paper slips(One slip for a single spelling word of the week). Students practice writing down the spelling words which is one word per slip. Instructions are given to fifth graders to turn over these paper slips. Then in 15 seconds time, students will slip around the slips on their desks until the paper slips are all mixed up. When signaled, students again turn the slips over and then arrange them in alphabetical order. They then will stand by their desks once finishing alphabetizing the words. This is a way in which they will not be able to touch the slips if the find some error. The order of the students is tracked. While all students are standing, the work of first student standing is checked. Click here for more fifth grade spelling words. If the order is eventually correct, that student is declared as the winner.

This activity can be repeated several times. Each time students are expected to finish more quickly. This game is the best way to recycle recycling scrap paper.

Back-to-back spelling

lettersIn this spelling game, the fifth graders do activity in pairs. One partner of each pair uses his finger to spell the week’s word on the other partners back. The other partner has to understand what letters are being scratched at his back and then recognize the complete word spelled. Then he will shout out the identified word aloud.

Cut and paste spelling game

In this game, each student is given any page belonging to a local newspaper. They then snip the letters from various headlines, ads, and the text, and stick them on a separate paper to spell each of the week’s spelling words. All the fifth graders do this activity at the same time, and the student who finishes the assignment first is the winner. This activity is also considered as a fun spelling homework task.

Spelling concentration game

This game is based on concentration in a Television game show. In this, the fifth grader student prepares a game board/sheet in advance. The sheet is divided into 20 squares, and each spelling word is written in two squares. The students then snip the squares, turn them over so that the blank side of these paper slips is facing in an upward direction and then shuffle the squares to create a game board. Other students are encouraged to participate in this game in pairs by taking turns in turning over two squares. If the squares will match, the student keeps them and takes another turn and if the squares don’t match, then the dissenter attempts to make a match. In the end, once all the matches are made and the time is over, the student having the most number of matches will be the winner.


penThis one is considered among the best and most popular spelling games where 2 or 4 players participate. In this, fifth graders face down the tiles, each having one letter to a game board divided into 15×15 square grid.Tiles here must form words in a crossword fashion, flowing from the left side to right the right side in a row or from downside forming columns. It is a fun game where the words formed are tallied with a standard dictionary to ensure that the words formed are officially permissible.…

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