Facts About Dance Mat Typing You Should Know

Learning to properly touch type as a kid is an important step to get the skills needed to survive in modern day society. With all the advancements made in computer technology, there is no doubt that computers are here to stay and will be a vital part of our future. Learning how to use properly a computer, including improving your typing skills, is an essential first step to take. In fact, dance mat typing is a software suite developed by BBC to provide a fun and easy way for children to learn how to type on a computer.

Facts About Dance Mat Typing

Fun learningDance Mat Typing

The software utilizes the latest in computer technologies to bring a fun learning experience to children. It teaches children everything they need to know about typing, from the basics to the more advanced techniques.

Four levels

The game is divided into a total of four levels, each level containing three different stages. These levels and stages have been developed by experts in the field to provide a fast and efficient way to teach children how to type. The instructions and educational value of the game go beyond the basic levels you usually expect to receive from these types of games by giving the user additional information and useful tips along the way.

Touch typing

Touch typing without looking at your fingers is the ultimate goal of the education game. By advising children and users to cover their hands while completing the challenges, they help users get a better understanding of where each key on their keyboard is located to provide them with fast and accurate skills.

High accuracy

Since accdomainuracy is a vital part of being a fast and productive typist, the focus is added on helping people take their time to learn the position of each key. After that the user is drilled with multiple typing tests in the form of stages to help them reach a faster typing rate, resulting in an increase in their words per minute capability.

To help users analyze and keep track of their performance and their improvements, the game also provides a typing test at the end of each level. Each typing test will test the user’s ability to type words and letters related to the keys they were trained on within the specific level. As each level adds new keys to learning, the tests become more challenging and takes the user from novice to expert by showing them step-by-step instructions and providing the educational program in a fun and interactive format.…

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