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How to Plan a Graduation Ceremony

August 8, 2019

For a high school student, his or her graduation day is very important because being able to graduate means they have reached another milestone. Seeing your name in the master list of the graduating students means that you have earned the rights to proceed to college. After graduation, you can also start looking for jobs if you decide not to pursue college.

With this in mind, those who were assigned to organize the graduation ceremony must work hard to give the students a memorable graduation. The organizing committee should remember that a student’s high school graduation only happens once in his or her lifetime. If you’re part of the organizing committee, you should continue reading to obtain tips for preparing for a graduation ceremony.


Certificates & Diplomas

Perhaps the most important part of the graduation ceremony is the part where the students receive their diplomas. For students, it means that they have officially finished high school. As part of the organizing committee, you should ensure that you’re team is able to produce professionally-looking diplomas during the graduation ceremony. Try searching for diploma formats online if you’re still looking for templates. Although the actual diplomas will be mailed to the students, you should ensure that you create genuine-looking diplomas on the graduation day.

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Besides the diplomas, the organizing committee should also prepare certificates as well as medals for those students who have special awards.

Service Providers

Next, the organizing committee must get in touch with the service providers in advance. They should have a meeting with all the service providers to discuss their roles during the graduation ceremony. For instance, the organizing committee should have a food tasting with the chosen food concessionaire. Moreover, the organizing committee should also meet with the photographers as well as videographers. It is also imperative to set a meeting with the contractor who will be in charge of decorating the venue.


Lastly, the organizing committee must look for the best venues available. Ensure that the venue can accommodate the total number of attendees. Moreover, the venue must be accessible to persons with disabilities. It is also important to choose a venue that is not too far away from the school.

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Most importantly, put an emphasis on the safety of the attendees. For this reason, the organizing committee must choose a venue that has emergency exits. Furthermore, the organizing committee must come up with an emergency plan in case unforeseen events such as earthquake or fire occur.

In summary, organizing a high school graduation ceremony is a lot of work. Therefore, the organizing committee must work hard from start to finish. They must be committed to giving the students the best time of their lives.