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FAQs On Certificate Of Completion

Everyone wishes to have a certificate of completion which will be a prove that they attended and completed either a program, course or a job. However, some people still do not know the meaning or importance of such certificates. Therefore, going through some frequently asked questions and their answers will assist in making people understand more about these certificates.

FAQs on certificates of completion

What is a certificate of completion?

Certificate of completion is a blueprint used to show that one has completed a certain task, program or a course. It indicates the name of the institution, the name of the person awarded, the period the task was ongoing and the date of issuance. Other details may vary depending on institutions. For it to be complete the sentence ”certificate of completions” need to be shown somewhere. This certificate is crucial in people’s lives and must therefore not have errors in dates and names.

When does one get a certificate of completion?

Certificate of completion is a prove that you have completed a certain program or course. Therefore, it is issued at the end of the course. Some certificates are specific to show it was after a successful completion of a program while others go on to show the grade attained. Various instances when people get certificates of completion includes completion of a university or college degree and diploma courses, high school, military course or on-job training courses. Internship programs also can have a certificate of completion


Where can I use a certificate of completion?

Most people use their certificate of completion as a merit when looking for a job. Employers can only prove of your qualifications using either copies or original copies of such documents. Apart from getting a job, big institutions use such certificates to evaluate staff and offer promotions. Therefore, staff who attend on-job training need to update their files at the HR office whenever they get one more.

How long is the certificate of completion valid?

This certificate never expires and hence will remain valid, unless invalidated legally. In some cases, it might be realized that the holder never deserved it in the first instance. However, if one attended the program and completed it successfully, such revoking is very rare.


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