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Selecting the Right Piano Teacher

There are a lot of benefits that come with learning a musical instrument. Some people chose to learn to play an instrument for fun, while others take it professionally. The piano is considered a revolutionary instrument in the music industry. There has been a steady increase in the number of people who are interested in playing the piano.

It takes a lot of skills to be perfect in playing the piano. The good news is that it is never too late to start playing an instrument. It does not matter your age, as you can enroll in a piano class near you. There are currently many teachers offering piano lessons singapore.

To ensure you master playing the piano, you must select the right teacher. Whether you plan to enroll yourself or your child in a piano class, below are some factors to consider when choosing a piano teacher.


boyThe fact that many teachers are offering their services makes it challenging to make the right choice. There are many ways you can find an ideal piano teacher in your area. You can start by asking others for recommendations. Since there are many people interested in piano lessons, there are high chances that you know someone who has or is currently taking some piano lessons.

You can ask your friends or family members for recommendations for the best piano teachers in your area. Since those who give you recommendations have worked with various teachers, there is a high chance that you will get an ideal teacher.


Take some time and come up with the amount of cash you are willing to spend when you hire a piano trainer. Different piano teachers will ask for different prices per lesson. Compare the different prices that piano trainers ask for before making a choice.

It is possible to find a teacher who offers quality lessons and charges an amount you can afford. Several things will determine how a teacher charges their lessons.


man with pianoThe third important factor you should put into consideration is where the lessons will happen. You must consider where a teacher is located before making a selection. Most people find it ideal to have a piano teacher who is located in their area. It can be challenging having to travel for a long distance to get a lesson.

Some people have a piano at home and prefer a piano trainer to teach them at their home. If you are one of the many people with pianos at home, you should consider a piano teacher located in your area.

Consider the tips mentioned above when selecting a piano teacher.…

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giving graduation speech

Top Speech Writing Tips You Should Know

Before giving your speech, there is a need to how to write a good speech. The guidelines shared in this post will help you write a speech that works well with live audiences. You need to understand speech writing basics. Moreover, you will know the extra resources to help you master the art of speech writing. At any given stage of writing, you need to consider your audience.

Understand Your Audience

It does not matter the type of writing, you have to consider the audience you try to reach. Even speech writing is not different. When you know much about the target audience, the more effective writing can help you achieve the target audience. After determining your audience, you can craft your speech towards them.

There is a need to know what your audience needs and the problems it can solve. Also, you need to determine what is important for your audience. If your audience is made up of small business owners, you can easily identify their problems from their websites.

Choose a Topic

There is a need to select a topic that resonates with your audience. Sometimes you are given a topic, but it is vital to ensure your speech is fairly short. This is quite important when giving a short speech. For instance, if you are writing a speech about your business, you should come up with the strengths of your business and compare them with the problems it addresses. You can find speech topics here. You should avoid trying to cover a lot of information. That is because many people deal with lots of data that they lose focus on what to handle.

Research Extensively on Your Topic

In most cases, you may not need to carry out a lot of research. That is the case when you have narrowed the topic. However, in some cases, you may be required to cover a given topic extensively.

Write Your Speech

After completing the above steps, you can now start writing your speech. These are the basic tips you should follow:

writing a speech– Write an outline that your audience can easily remember
– Use speaker notes
– Try a conversational tone
– Use shorter sentences
– Be specific

Choose a Presentation Tool

There are different professional presentation tools you can use, such as Google Slides, PowerPoint, and more. The good thing about a presentation tool is that you can add visual interest to your speech. For instance, some can allow you to add audio or video to engage the audience.…

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