Band Spotlights — 19 January 2012

Stars and Rabbit are Indonesian folk music duo, formed in early 2011 in Yogyakarta. The group consisted of singer-songwriter Elda Suryani and musician Adi Widodo. Their single ‘Worth It’ drew them attention from a small variety of communities in Indonesia and the United Kingdom, as part of the indie pop/folk scene. Stars and Rabbit engages a do-it-yourself approach in writing and recording. Their music is a melding of pop and folk influences with raw simplicity of composition, arrangement, and performance.

Their debut single ‘Worth It’, officially released in November 2011, garnered rave reviews from both the local and international media, with one radio in United States Butterflies Radio added it to their rotation. Currently they are working on a mini album which planed to be released soon, Their ambition is traveling with their music, go international, inspiring people and inspired with unfamiliar things.


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