Music Showcase — 07 January 2012

As years go, 2011 has been a really good year for SEA INDIE. We have received warm responses from people all over the place; however, all credits should go to every single brand/artist who has taken part in our digital release projects. Your music really does make the world go round. Last month, we had a little fun survey among our listeners for their most favorite SEA INDIE’s singles/ep releases throughout 2011 and the result will be revealed today. You still can get all the releases you are missing from our releases-page.

**the rank shall reflect listeners’ personal preferences, doesn’t indicate which band is better than another.


1. SEA  004 : Bangkutaman (Catch Me When I Fall EP) (30.39%) of the total vote

The very first indie pop band in Indonesia, come along the success that has never been far away …. from then to now, it’s been a 10-year of love and adore, and shall always be … Bangkutaman, SEA INDIE

2. SEA 001 : Answer Sheet (20.44%)

“Music that would take your mind nowhere near anything that reminds of those stressful times at the examination room. The sounds & songs produced by the members, Ogi & Karebet, through their ukuleles are of no complexity and you definitely could feel the sincerity in each of them”, rightontheedge. A very promising future is surely lie ahead …

3. SEA 010 : Ballade of The Cliche (Old Friend EP) (19.89%)

“An awesome release of one of Indonesia’s best indiepop acts (in our opinion) must listen!”, Ferns.

4. SEA 008 :  Swimming Elephant (8.29%)

“Their music revolving around the pop-sensibilities of the musicians, both At the Zoo and Sara features very memorable vocal melodies that will most likely catch your attention on the first listen. As the music continues, this very strange nostalgic atmosphere start to develop. The songs have a storytelling quality that pulls you in and leaves you to fill in the blank as to what the story is”, Whiteboard Journal.

5. SEA 005 : Jodi In Morning Glory Parade (7.18%)

” …happy songs for happy people and happy couples”, Even In In Future Nothing Work. So …couldn’t agree more…


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